A Little History

The Log Cabin Home was built in 1993 by Mike Herman (owner) for himself and his family to live in. The home was used at one time to make several film productions, including “Northern Exposure” and “Sleepless in Seattle”, and still contains items that were left which you may recognize while visiting.

Mike's heart has always been involved in missions in third-world countries. While on one of his trips he discovered a little girl born in Columbia with a congenital heart condition. Overcoming many struggles and road blocks, Mike was able to bring this little girl back to the states to have surgery and receive the medical care she needed. Mike and his family eventually ended up adopting this little girl whose name was Tatiana; whom they called Tati.

Tati was blessed and grew to be a young woman. She loved this house and spent the remainder of her short life enjoying its peace and beauty. She spent lots of time walking the gardens and watching the wildlife. The home created a sanctuary for her and brought much joy to her spirit. While here Tati loved to do creative art and quilting. You will notice her first and only quilt with its story displayed to honor her in the dining room, and rocks she painted in the kitchen. Tati passed away in 2012 at the age of 20 due to complications with her heart condition.

Once Tati passed Mike wanted to share this lovely log cabin home with many others with the hope it would bring the same peace and joy as it did to Tati. The spirit of nature, the love of art and enjoyment of life lives on in this home along with the gentleness of who she was.

Our mission is to create an atmosphere where people can come and enjoy good company, relax and even be creative. Creating a location that is perfect for small groups of co-workers, friends, and families to escape from the busyness of everyday life. Our hope is people will remember their time at The Cabin for years to come!

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